St. Josephine Bakhita parish is now Sacred Heart Parish Camden, as of July 2017. We are three churches - St. Bartholomew, St. Joan of Arc and Sacred Heart - but one parish. We are a community of communities celebrating our Catholic identity from the Hispanic, African American and 'woke' White American cultural contexts. We stand in solidarity with all who struggle for justice in Camden and around the world. Join us! Christ is Risen! Power to the People of God!



  • Phase 1 Public Mass Schedule:
    Saturday, 4 p.m. Mass in English
    Sunday, 9 a.m. Mass in Spanish
    Tuesday, 7 p.m. Mass in Spanish
    at St. Joan of Arc Church
    Sunday, 10:30 a.m. Mass at Sacred Heart Church
    Sunday, 11 a.m. Mass at St. Bartholomew Church
    Please be aware that respecting social distancing lim-its the number of people permitted in the church. Please be joyful, patient and kind!

​Fase Una Reapertura
Horario de Misas Públicas:
Misa en Inglés los Sábado a las 4pm en la
Iglesia de Santa Juana de Arco
Misa en Español los Domingo a las 9am en la
Iglesia de Santa Juana de Arco
Misa en Inglés los Domingo a las 10:30am en la
Iglesia de Sagrado Corazón
Misa en Inglés los Domingo a las 11am en la
Iglesia de San Bartoloméo
Misa en Español los Martes a las 7pm en la
Iglesia de Santa Juana de Arco
Tenga en cuenta respetar el distanciamiento social, que limita el número de personas permitidas en las Iglesia. ¡Por favor sé júbiloso, sé paciente, sé amable!

LIVE STREAM SUNDAY MASS AT 9 AM and 11 AM at (St. Josephine Bakhita Liturgy Broadcasts) AND EVERY SUNDAY DURING THE PANDEMIC.  

We warmly welcome our new Pastor, Fr. Vincent Guest!  

Many blessings as you begin your ministy with the people of Sacred Heart, Camden!  Our prayers and good wishes are with you!

Our New Pastor, Fr. Vince Guest, meets and gives a blessing to Camden County Police Officers at St. Joan of Arc Site.

Report Sexual Abuse

An independent, toll-free number has been established by the Diocese of Camden to help callers report cases of sexual abuse by priests, deacons, religious, employees and/or volunteers.  Calls are handled by a licensed clinical social worker.  In accord with state law, cases of child sexual abuse are reported to the N.J. Division of Child Protection and Permanency and law enforcement.  For information or to inquire about counseling and support services, call 1-800-964-6588.


Denuncie el Abuso Sexual

Un número telefónico gratuito e independiente ha sido establecido por la Diócesis de Camden para ayudar a las personas a denunciar casos de abusos sexuales por sacerdotes, diáconos, religiosos, empleados y/o voluntarios. Las llamadas son manejadas por un trabajador social clínico licenciado. De acuerdo a la ley del estado, los abusos de menores son reportados a la División de Protección de la Infancia y la Permanencia y a la policía. Para más información o para obtener servicios de consejería y apoyo, llame al: 1-800-964-6588.


Prayer to Overcome Racism

     Mary, friend and mother to all, through your Son, God has found a way to unite himself to every human being, called to be one people, sisters and brothers to each other.

     We ask for your help in calling on your Son, seeking forgiveness for the times when we have failed to love and respect one another.

     We ask for your help in obtaining from your Son the grace we need to overcome the evil of racism and to build a just society.

     We ask for your help in following your Son, so that prejudice and animosity will no longer infect our minds or hearts but will be replaced with a love that respects the dignity of each person.

     Mother of the Church, the Spirit of your Son Jesus warms our hearts:  pray for us.  Amen.


Oración para Superar el Racismo

     María, amiga y madre de todos, a través de tu Hijo Dios ha encontrado un camino para unirse a todos los seres humanos, llamados a ser un solo pueblo,  hermanas y hermanos entre sí.

     Pedimos tu ayuda al recurrir a tu Hijo, buscando el perdón por las veces en que hemos fallado en amarnos y respetarnos.

     Pedimos tu ayuda para obtener de tu Hijo la gracia que necesitamos para vencer el mal del racismo y construir una sociedad justa.

     Pedimos tu ayuda para seguir a tu Hijo, para que el prejuicio y la animosidad no infecten ya nuestras mentes o corazones sino que sean reemplazados por el amor que respeta la dignidad de cada persona.

     Madre de la Iglesia, el Espíritu de tu Hijo Jesús alienta nuestros corazones: Ruega por nosotros.  Amén.




Celebration of the Eucharist

Please see the schedule for Sunday live-streamed Mass.

Sacred Heart Church

1739 Ferry Avenue, Camden, NJ 08104


St Bartholomew Church

751 Kaighn Avenue, Camden, NJ 08103


St Joan of Arc Church

3107 Alabama Road, Camden, NJ 08104


Sacrament of Reconciliation

St Joan of Arc Church

Saturday: 3:15 pm

Confessions in the Time of The Pandemic

Weekly Bulletins

View them here each week.



How To Give

Matthew 13:15    For the hearts of this people have grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, lest they should understand with their hearts and turn, so that I should heal them.