As a sacrifice of praise the people of St. Bartholomew and St. Joan of Arc welcome people of every race, language and way of life around the table of our Lord Jesus Christ in an American African/Hispanic expression of Roman Catholic worship. Sharing our time, talent and treasure in acts of justice, we proclaim the “Gospel of Life” with and for the people of Camden.


"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light" (Isaiah 9:1). So sang the prophet Isaiah. I experienced this great light on Monday night at the Romero Center. Forty people - Black, White and Latino gathered to bring Faith In Camden County. Their faith is the light shinning through this time of national darkness. This group of forty people are taking action to build power by building relationships across racial, religious economic and linguistic borders. Empowered through these relationships, they will 'speak truth' to the powerful who make decisions that affect our lives here in Camden County -the powerful such as Norcross, Holtec, the Metro Police, ICE and others. We represent people embracing race, multi-faith action, moms against gun violence, accompaniment of immigrants, restored voting rights for formerly incarcerated people, Camden schools and gentrificaton. We intend to bring the light of our Faith into the darkness surrounding these and other concerns of the voiceless in Camden County. We recognize that the powerful profit from the misery they visit upon our bodies, persons and communities. You can become a candle in the dark. You can join us on January 27th when we will gather the communities of Camden County generating power through relationship building to effect justice for ourselves and our neighbors. This is the real meaning that the 'Word became flesh to live among us.' As with Noah, Moses, and Abram, God has heard the cry of God's people and has come down to see what's up. Having seen, God takes action on behalf of the poor, the widowed and the immigrant, and Maria sings, " God has thrown down the rulers from their thrones...and the rich God has sent empty away" (Lk. 1:52-53). Power to the People of God!


Celebration of the Eucharist

Sacred Heart Church

1739 Ferry Avenue, Camden, NJ 08104

Daily: 8:15 am - Rectory Chapel

Sunday: 8:30 am (English)

           10:30 am (English)

St Bartholomew Church

751 Kaighn Avenue, Camden, NJ 08103

Sunday, 7:30 a.m. 

Gospel Mass: 11:00 am

St Joan of Arc Church

3107 Alabama Road, Camden, NJ 08104

Saturday: 4 pm (English Speaking)

Sunday: 9 am (Spanish Speaking)

Sacrament of Reconciliation

St Joan of Arc Church

Saturday: 3:15 pm

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