The Knights of Peter Calver and Ladies Auxiliary

St. Bartholomew R.C. Church/Bishop George Murry Council/Court #386, Camden, New Jersey

Contact: Grand Knight William Weaver, Jr.
The Knights of Peter Claver  

Contact: Grand Lady Jeneen Bey
Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary  

We extend a cordial invitation to Catholics to join membership of the Knights, the Ladies Auxiliary, the Junior Knights or Junior Daughters of Peter Claver.   By continuing the work of our patron saint, Father Peter Claver, members provide a strong commitment to the church, the organization and their community through service.


  • To be a staunch supporter to the parish and to the bishop of the diocese.
  • To participate collectively in various parish and community activities.
  • To promote civic improvements and social justice.
  • To encourage lay Apostolic and Catholic Action.
  • To make contributions to worthwhile causes.
  • To award scholarships and support education.
  • To foster recreation, workshops, trainings and retreats.
  • To develop youth in a positive nurturing environment.
  • To provide social and intellectual fellowship for its members as well as proper guidance and participation in an ever changing structure of our social economic life, through this Catholic Lay organization.  Spiritual Benefits and Contributions Include:
    • Masses for all deceased members.
    • Uniformed participation in religious ceremonies.
    • Regular financial contributions to religious orders, parishes, deserving charities, worthy and needy causes.

Youth Divisions
Every Catholic youth between the ages 7-18 are welcome to join the Junior Knights or the Junior Daughters.  Our mission is to: promote and enhance the spiritual and social well being of all Juniors.  The purpose of the Junior Knights and Junior Daughters is to strive to build good character and develop leadership skills.


The Knights of Peter Claver is the largest predominately African American lay Catholic organization in the United States. The fraternal order of the Knights of Peter Claver was founded November 7, 1909 in Mobile, Alabama. The Ladies Auxiliary was authorized in August 1922.   

The Order is named after St. Peter Claver, a Jesuit priest from Spain who ministered to African slaves in Cartegena, Colombia, South America, in the 1600s. Peter Claver is said to have converted over 300,000 slaves to Catholicism. It is hoped that by knowing his love for his fellow man, we will be inspired to greater service.