How To Give

Electronic Giving Program

The Electronic Giving Program allows you to have your offerings automatically debited from your checking account or credit card. You choose how much and how often to give, and what payment method to use. You can also make special offertory donations. It is easy to get started. Just click on the button below.

Parish Giving

Online Banking


Online Giving

Online giving to St. Bartholomew and St. Joan of Arc Churches is still possible.  To create an online giving account, log on to 

For New Accounts: 

Click on Sign Up Now. Then go to Create Account.  Create a user name and a password.  Then enter either zip code 08103 or 08104 and click on Search (top right).  Sacred Heart Church, Camden, NJ will show in the Organization Name column.  Click Select in front of Sacred Heart.  The message will say “You have selected Sacred Heart Church. Continue Setup”.  Click Yes.  The Parish Giving box will show up.  After entering all information, click on Save.  Then select under My Organizations, Sacred Heart Church, Camden, NJ.  Click on Pay Now.  Then click on Select Desired Type.  For regular weekly offerings click Sunday Offerings, then choose which church, ie, Sacred Heart, St. Bartholomew or St. Joan of Arc.  PLEASE BE SURE TO SAVE ALL INFORMATION/CHANGES AS YOU GO.

For Existing Accounts:

Be sure to deactivate your account with St. Josephine Bakhita Parish, but you do not have to delete your current information. When selecting your new account, be sure to click on SAVE.   If you need assistance, you may call  Anthony Archie at (609) 220-2487.

It is possible to have your bank automatically deduct your church contributions from your checking/savings account.  Just visit your bank’s website and set up your account to automatically transfer funds from your account to Sacred Heart Parish.

You’ll need to inform your bank of our mailing address:

Sacred Heart Parish/St. Bartholomew Church
751 Kaighns Ave.
Camden, NJ  08103

In the memo field please indicate which fund you are contributing to: General Church Offering or Indicate your Special Designation.

Or you can make your check payable to Sacred Heart Parish and mail it to:

Sacred Heart Parish/St. Bartholomew Church
751 Kaighns Ave.
Camden, NJ  08103


Sacred Heart Parish/St. Joan of Arc Church

3107 Alabama Road

Camden, NJ  08104

In the memo field please indicate which fund you are contributing to: Church Offering/name of Church.

If you have any questions regarding donations please contact the St. Bartholomew or St. Joan of Arc Rectory.  

"Making Up"

"Making up" is a phrase used among Catholic people who support their church by using the parish envelope system. When someone misses Mass they place their usual offering in their envelope and set it aside. The next time they attend Mass, they deposit two or more envelopes into the collection.

"Making up" is really not a burden or additional sacrifice; it is simply a new habit. By adopting this method of weekly support, you provide the parish with a stable and reliable income.