Compassionate Outreach



Contact:    Peggy Murphy
The Bereavement Committee is to provide food when requested and services of food for families of active parishioners after funeral services.  As an act of Christian charity the committee will make the same food provisions for inactive parishioners, but with due compensation, unless the family itself provides the food.  Please consider joining, your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


2770 Federal Street, Camden, NJ  08105
Mr. Ron Evans- Coordinator for St. Josephine Bakhita Parish
We are a faith-based community organization composed of congregations working together to transform conditions for individuals and families in the city of Camden through the skillful development of local leaders, a disciplined organizing model rooted in the democratic process and a profound commitment to the values our leaders and community share.  CCOP is multicultural; bringing together families from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, different religious traditions and different neighborhoods in a common effort to address the serious concerns affecting families
at their root causes.  We work dynamically with a number of issues including public safety, housing, economic development, healthcare and unemployment.  CCOP is an affiliate of the PICO National Network, a network of 50 faith-based community organizations in 50 cities and 18 states, and two international locations.  By faith communities identifying and addressing common concerns through the process of community organization, we can put our values into action- not just on the Sabbath, but seven days a week.  


Contact:    Carol Jennings
The Ministry of is a gathering of folks who are mourning the death of a loved one.  The goal of this ministry is that no member of the faith community grieves alone.  A trained facilitator guides prayer and discussions through the use of various programs and materials.  There is a need to develop a leadership team to grow this ministry to reach out in various ways throughout the year with support groups and prayer circles.  A yearly remembrance Mass is held at the St. Joan of Arc site of St. Josephine Bakhita Parish for All Souls Day.  “The Church calls each member of Christ’s Body—priest, deacon and lay person-- to participate in the ministry of consolation: to care for the dying, pray for the dead, to comfort those who mourn.” Order of Christian Funerals: pg. 3 & 4.  For more information please call Carol Jennings 856.663.8166.


Contact:      Deacon Tom Jennings and Carol Jennings
“To care for our sisters and brothers in need”  This line from “The Vision Statement” of the Diocese and the Pastoral Priority of “Compassionate Outreach” form the backbone of this ministry. Carol and Deacon Tom Jennings are tasked by the Bishop to minister to the separated and divorced Catholics within the Diocese. This is done through peer to peer support groups at various locations throughout the six counties. These groups are facilitated by persons who have gone through a divorce themselves, have attended the program and been selected and trained to reach out to others. All of the groups operate in conformity with the rules of the church, specifically, facilitators are persons who have undergone a divorce, will have received an annulment, and may have remarried, but if not are living faithful to church teaching. The program does not encourage divorce, indeed the participants are encouraged to seek reconciliation, emphasizing that conflict is a part of a healthy marriage. Not all marriages can be saved, and for those persons a compassionate group can be instrumental in their recovery from a difficult process. Both Carol and Deacon Tom are trained as “Advocates” in the Marriage Tribunal, and can assist persons in preparing their petition for the annulment. 
If you feel you would benefit from a group, or are interested in training to be a facilitator, or if you want to know about annulments, feel free to contact us at, or call 856-663-8166.


Contact:     Fr. Gerard
Visits to parish members who are sick and homebound are who we serve.  The visits may be at their home, hospital, long & short term care facilities and/or rehabilitation and treatment centers.  Not only is Holy Communion given, but time is spent in prayer and in conversation with happenings within the parish.   If you are interested in becoming one of our ministers we would love to have you.  Or if you know of someone that could use a friendly visit or phone call occasionally, let us know.  The rewards are too great to mention!  

SENIOR CITIZENS MINISTRY                    

Contact:    IDA A. WATERS
St. Josephine Bakhita Senior Citizens Ministry is committed to enhancing the spiritual, social and intellectual journey of the seniors of every race, language and way of life around the table of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are committed to building the multigenerational bridges of our American, African and Hispanic expression of Roman Catholic worship.  The ministry will provide innovative, exciting and interesting experiences on an ongoing basis.  We believe that seniors possess: a wealth of knowledge, talents that many are willing to share and wisdom—a gift of the Holy Spirit. We believe that seniors—through their longevity---offer visibility of God’s benevolence.  Eligibility is open to all seniors over the age of 60 who are interested in participating in spiritual, social and intellectual experiences.  The senior citizens ministry is a new ministry that is currently under development.

Feed the mind, Feed the Body, Feed the Soul of Camden
Coordinator:      Rachel Beugre
The Soul of Camden, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3), nonprofit, faith based community development organization founded by members of Bergen Square Community.  The organization uses the facilities of St. Bartholomew Church at 751 Kaighns Ave., Camden, NJ 08103.   Although the Soul of Camden, Inc., was incorporated in 2006, St. Bartholomew’s has always served the community by sponsoring various youth programs, holiday “food baskets” and non-perishable food items to families in need throughout the community year round. The mission of the Soul of Camden, Inc., is to create, generate and maintain an investment in human capital by providing information, activities and programs that encourage positive moral values and responsible citizenship.
In keeping with its tradition of service to the community, members of the St. Bartholomew Church decided to bring all their community resources together and incorporate their activities under the Soul of Camden, Inc.,(SOC).  The SOC currently provides the following community services:
•    The Soup Kitchen 
•    After-school Enrichment Program
•    Family Traditions is a youth mentoring and family recreation program which sponsors a monthly cooking class and leisure activities.  
•    Summer Encouragement Program provides mentoring, recreation, and education enrichment activities for youth ages 6 to 14 throughout the city of Camden during the summer months
•    The Creative Arts provides opportunity to the children to perform their talents of acting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, and other activities. 
•    The Turnaround Program is an effective mentoring for At-Risk youth, which provides a series of follow-up sessions that give clear understanding of how youth can transform their lives by using their minds as a positive tool – rather than a tool of self-destruction. One-on-One sessions will be effective in data gathering to reinforce the goals.


Contact:    Cherryl Summers
Serving Saturdays from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Our St. Bart’s Soup Kitchen’s onsite food program, outreaching to our surrounding community, has been in existence since February 1987.  We serve once a week on Saturdays, offering hot foods, beverage and dessert during the winter months, and sandwiches, beverage and dessert during the summer months, to anyone who is hungry.  Our doors are open every Saturday except the first Saturday of the month. St. Bart’s Soup Kitchen continues to be a major food source in this area, and the ultimate goal is to continue to consistently “be there” for our community for as long as we are needed.  Financial support is obtained in part, from the Diocese of Camden’s Operation Rice Bowl, and in part, from two suburban churches that have been “twinning” with us for the past three years.  Our own parishioners consistently donate funds by way of the Poor Box found at the back of the church.  The bread and pastries are donated to us by a major local food chain and is picked up by some of our volunteers early on Saturday mornings.  Our Soup Kitchen “staff “consists of four - 5 to 6 person teams of volunteers, many of whom are original members.  We are greatly in need of additional volunteers, male and female.  If you are interested in becoming a part of this ministry, please see Cherryl Summers or any soup kitchen volunteer or contact the rectory.