St. Barts VITA Site

We opened this week. As I was headed to the site, a relative asked “Why would anyone volunteer for Zacchaeus House when there are so many other organizations to also support?”  I was insulted at first and thought it should be obvious, so I provided the 30 second answer of “to help others save the fees, putting dollars in their pockets and back into their community”.  


But the pure joy that I experience can’t be explained as God presented His reasons to me on a cold bitter night of why VITA is so important to those that serve this program.  All our volunteers are special because they get it too, like our new volunteers this year from the Phi Beta Sigma Alumni Chapter of Zeta Rho Sigma. 


In subzero windchill, they came. Textbook examples in real life, real people, children of God.  Our first client who is single and no dependents earned $9,000 with zero withholding, zero tax due but she qualified and received $500 from the federal EITC and $300 from the NJ State EITC. No charge; no fees. Her smile alone was worth being out that night. And there were other stories too. 


VITA-Volunteer Income Tax Assistance may not have any value to those who already have, but it means a lot to those who may not. This is how we share our time, talent and treasure. It pulls deep at my soul to the hymn “if I can help somebody as I walk along, then my living shall not be in vain”. 


Follow your passion. My passion is VITA.