The Christmas Season

Officially the Christmas Season ends at Epiphany Sunday.

I thank you for the kind words expressed in cards, the gifts and prayers received

during this holiday season. I feel the joy and the love.


The vocation of baptized Christians

is to be the image of the invisible God,

writes N.T. Wright.

Over my sixteen years here, I have experienced this vocation lived out in the active

members of St. Josephine Bakhita Parish. Especially

during this past Advent and Christmas season you have

shown out in prayer, shown up in works of mercy and shown off

in worship. What you have 'shown' is the light of Christ shining

on and through you. Each of you has played your part and the body

of Christ, would be incomplete without you.

Mystery and the unknown stare at us as a parish as we move

into the Ordinary Time of this New Year. But we are Catholics and mystery is

what we do: The Mystery of God become human, forgiveness of sins,

and the last become first. You are the Hidden Figures in the Catholic Church

uncommonly faithful, and through you God saves the world one person at

a time and that is the great mystery of love divine.